S.F. Wave Tsunami Cooked red tuna chopped with ginger
and green onion wrapped with egg and served with Kabuto seaweed gravy sauce
Lamb Apple Sushi Grilled lamb topped with sliced apple
and cherry balsamic sauce
Baby Main Lobster Seared lobster with spicy sauce
Albacore’02 Seared albacore wrapped with
lettuce and served with
Kabuto Special Miso sauce
Cruchy Sushi Tempura halibut served with Kabuto special curry sauce  
CeViChe Halibut and salsa wrapped with deep
fried seaweed and served with lime
and sea salt. Eaten with no sauce
Hamachi Pear Yellowtail sushi topped with sliced pear
and kabuto fruity mustard sauce
Crepe Sushi - Salmon Smoke salmon and cream cheese
wrapped wth Kabuto crepe
Crepe Sushi - Albacore Tempura albacore and plum paste wrapped wth Kabuto crepe  
Sonoma Duck Barbeque Duck served ith Jpanese
Spicy Mustard
Foie Gras Sushi Seard marinated goose liver served
with balsamic raspberry sauce
Katsunagi Unagi, Avocado, and Shiso Deep
fried as Katsu erved with kabuto
Raspberry Miso sauce
16-20 Kiss Black Tiger Shrimp sushi with avocado wrapped ith thin slice marinated radish served with abuto chocolate sauce  
Ume Fried Tai
Fried red snapper in U.F.O shaped sushi served with balsamic
raspberry sauce
Hirame “Jerry” Halibut sushi topped with sliced Japanese clover nd Kabuto Sudachi Ponzu Jelly  
Hirame “Yuzu” Halibut Sushi with pickled shisonomi topped with Yuzu-Kosho Paste  
Sushi Mozzarella Red Snapper simmered in Yuzu broth, erved in a Donburi with Shari, and
finished ith tobiko and melted
Mozzarella on top
Saikyo Sushi Grilled marinated black cod served with uzu-Kosho Gravy (1pc)  
Shrimp & Crab
Tartar sushi
Chopped shrimp and crab mixed with Kabuto tartar sauce served with egg yolk, capers, anchovy, cilantro,
and grape
Toro Tartar Chopped Negi Toro and Avocado mixed with Kabuto Tartar sauce served with marinated Rakyo onion, deep fried shiso and seasoned seaweed  
Unique Sushi Mango salmon skin sushi  
Pompano Cooked Pompano Fish sushi served with shisonomi, momiji oroshi,
and ponzu
Manila clams sushi Manila clam with boiled
aonori sauce on
Leslie Nigiri Smoke Salmon, Avocado sushi
served with thinly sliced
marinated lemon
Sammy Roll Fresh Salmon outside, California inside, topped with Kabuto Curry sauce  
Scott Handtroo Marinated Spicy Tuna Handroll with
quail egg on top
Ono grape Wahoo sushi topped with grapefruit
and basal basil cream sauce
Hot Apple Seared Scallop served with Apple and
fruity mustard sauce (2pc)
Spicy Scallop Scallop sushi served with kabuto fruity mustard sauce  
Hamachi miso Tartar    



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